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Lake wanaka
kayak/sup hire

Come immerse yourself in Lake Wanaka. Kayak with the worlds most stunning back drop of snowcapped mountains in every direction. Feel the outdoor air and experience on of the most tranquil ways to explore our stunning Lake Wanaka.
1-3 HOUR


Savour the sense of freedom and independence of paddling at your own pace and relish the chance to truly experience the lake’s crystal clear water. Come down and visit #thatwanakatree from the water, see Ruby Island or maybe Eely Point. Or alternatively savour the sense of space and explore Roys Bay.

Our rentals are available year round subject to weather conditions. Please check our office hours for daily availability.

All hires include kayaks, paddle, life jackets, instructions if needed and staff recommendations on where to paddle.

Single Kayak/Paddle Board 1st hour $20 extra hours $10
Double Kayak 1st hour $40 extra hours $20

Kayaking on Lake Wanaka Aerial Photo


Come down and visit thatwanakatree from the water, see Ruby Island or maybe Eely Point. Or alternatively savour the sense of space and explore Roys Bay.

Our rentals are available year round subject to weather conditions. Please check our office hours for daily availability. All hires include kayaks, paddle, life jackets, instructions if needed and staff recommendations on where to paddle.


  • Explore the world renowned WANAKA SCENERY
  • WALK IN and paddle off no bookings needed
  • SAFETY EQUIPMENT all included
  • HASSLE FREE in the heart of Wanaka.
  • 100% KIWI – locally owned and operated

Kayak/SUP Hire Restrictions

  • No licence is needed to hire our equipment but clients must be able to understand our safety briefings and understand their obligations under Maritime Law.
  • The minimum age to hire alone is 16 years old
  • Customers need to fully understand English and be able to follow all instructions given by guides & staff
  • The maximum weight for our kayaks is 120kg per single and 230kgs per double.


Lakeland Wanaka was one of the first water based tourism business in Wanaka having operated for over 40 years. Our safety procedures are of the highest standard both with our operation and safety briefings & screening processes.

Safety Guidelines that must be followed at all times.

Our Kayak/SUP rentals put a lot of the safety into your own hands. Due to being in charge of your vessel you are responsible for following all Maritime Laws which include but not limited to the following:

  • Staying alert for other boats, swimmers, kayaks, hazards etc at all times. This includes driving in a manner not to disrupt other vessels in close proximity.
  • Wearing you Life Jacket at all times
  • Staying with in Roys Bay, our operating area.
  • Returning to site on time.

Kayak/SUP Hire Seasons

Our Kayaks and SUP are available year round.


Departures can take place anytime from our opening hours until 1 hour prior to closing.

Do I need to book?

No, as the kayak rentals do not have a set departure time, you can come anytime during our open hours but be sure you are aware of the closing time as this varies for different seasons. Hired equipment must be returned by our closing time.

What should I wear?

Dress for the weather, in light clothing that will not get damaged if you get it wet.

Can I bring my personal belongings in the kayak?

Yes, but at your own risk as some people have dropped theirs into the lake in the past, also there is limited space and if your belongings jeopardise the stability of your kayak you will not be permitted to take it.

What about my bag?

No, sorry but there is limited space on the ski so it is best if you can leave extra bags in your car or accommodation but if you come by foot and need it for later, we have a small amount of space in our office to store your backpack or handbag.

I would like to hire a kayak, when will the time start?

The time starts 5 minutes after you have paid for the hire of the equipment. Please arrive ready to go out on the lake, this includes taking a last-minute bathroom break.

How will I know when the time is up?

You are responsible to monitor the time yourself, at minimum one person in your party must have a way to tell the time while on the water.

I’m not sure how long I would like to go out can I just pay for the time used whenI return?

No before you head out, we set a return time, this is for your own safety. We send out a search party if you are not back on time as per our safety requirements.

Do you also have Stand-up paddle boards (SUPs)?

Yes, they are operating under the same rules and information as the kayaks

This is my first time does that matter?

No problem at all, just let us know and we will make sure you have the information you need to have a safe and enjoyable time on the lake.

Is kayaking safe?

We adhere to our strict safety policy designed specifically for Roy’s bay, where we operate.Our Policy takes into consideration the conditions and your experience for before we hire out any equipment. Ideal weather for kayaking is winds less than10km/h if you are unsure please call ahead.

Still have more questions? Contact us here

Plan Your Trip

where are we

We are located in Wanaka; the heart of world famous Central Otago, New Zealand. We operate from the waterfront of Lake Wanaka, 100 Ardmore Street. Just look for the large trailer by the main Wanaka wharf.

Before you arrive

Before arrival make sure you are ready for your trip have everything you may need. Clothing that can get wet and suitable for the weather (A windbreaker or waterproof jacket is recommended on cooler days). We also recommend sunglasses to keep the wind out of your eyes (but bear in mind they could fall off).

CHecking in

As with all our products safety is at the for-front of our mind. We therefore require you to checkin at least 15 minutes prior to your departure. This time is needed to go over your jet ski waiver forms, receive your safety briefing and get fitted into life jackets.

Get your wanaka Fix

Once check in and safety briefings are completed it's finally time to jump on your tour and get your Wanaka Fix. Our guides are extremely friendly and more than happy to accomodate when they can. Feel free to ask them to take photos, ask questions if you have them but most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELVES!!
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"First of all I want to say that the staff will alone sets this jet boat experience apart from any others! Jeremiah really knows his stuff when it comes to Lake Wanaka, the surrounding areas and the history. Seeing the lake from the shoreline can’t beat this thrill of a boat ride around the lake and onto the gorgeous turquoise blue water show of the Clutha River- I would recommend it to anybody visiting Wanaka!"


Trip Advisor

"Last week I went on a Jet boat trip with there guy’s! The team is very friendly and professional. Because they work with smaller groups it feels like a personal trip. The trip takes you along a beautiful river with a lot of hidden treasures and history. I would recommend them if you want to experience a unique Jet boat ride in New Zealand!"

Erwan C

Trip Advisor

"First time on a jet ski, and it was great. I didn't want to give it back! Very easy to operate, but exciting to ride on. We went out onto Lake Wanaka and visited one of the bigger islands, where the guide gave us an explanation about the history. We were free to experiment on the jet ski and try different moves, as well as going fast! Well worth doing, and am thinking about getting one myself now!"


Trip Advisor

"Hired kayaks from the lakefront $30 each for 2 hours and worth every cent. Beautiful low key way to see the lake. We paddled slowly around the shoreline to waterfall creek and back with lots of time to stop along the way."

Kylie O

Trip Advisor

"Did this trip in July and loved every minute of it. The Clutha River is great to go on in a jet boat as it is very fast running and the water crystal clear. The driver offers good informed commentary during the trip as well as the expected thrills the jet boat ride offers. Personally I thought this trip was better than some of the other one's I went on in nearby Queenstown."


Trip Advisor

"What a neat experience! Was super-friendly and fun, the boat was fast, the river was beautiful, and we learned a ton about the area during this ride, amidst the thrills. The Clutha is not a narrow-gorge river, so the excitement comes from running rapids and close to smooth-beach shorelines, as well as the gorgeous water itself. A full hour on the water, super-chill, with a terrific explanation of area history, the boat itself and its workings, and the river. Both fascinating and adrenaline pumping."

Doug D

Trip Advisor

"If you are in Wanaka and want to experience the beauty of this region by water, the Jet Boat tour is absolutely amazing! While enjoying the surroundings you also get an amazing adrenaline rush of the speed and tricks of the boat. Matt was our captain for the day and couldn’t have done any better!"

Lotte B

Trip Advisor

"I couldn't recommend this activity highly enough. By far the best part of our trip to wanaka! Jeremiah was a fantastic guide taking us to some beautiful parts of the lake that you wouldn't see any other way, all while having great fun on the jet skis on the way!!"

John M

Trip Advisor


For us, the aim was quite simple – to share our love of water and the astounding beauty of the region with visitors. Lakeland Wanaka’s vision is to offer classic kiwi water adventures for both New Zealanders sharing our passion of water and international visitors.

We are 100% kiwi owned and operated; our team highly engaged with an absolutely love for their jobs. Our staff all have a passion for the outdoors and water, picked for their personalities and want to share why we love what we do.


Each of our guides go through rigorous training programs and continual training ensuring all guides a competent and confident to provide the best experience each and every time.

Lake Wanaka provides the perfect setting – a popular kiwi holiday destination; now with world renowned mountain scenery. The view from the shore is only a snap short of what is out there. The silence when you get there is breath-taking, the beauty; mind blowing, and the space to play; uninhibited. Visit us, we are proud to share the beauty of lake Wanaka and have fun while we do it.

Why Us?

We are proud to have been sharing our adventures with visitors to the Wanaka region for over 50 years and our goal has never changed – to deliver outstanding personalised experiences. We understand that visitors aren’t all the same and not everyone likes the same adventures; therefore we have become your convenient one stop shop for a range of relaxing scenic outings to high adrenaline experiences.

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