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Looking for a relaxing day sightseeing? Wanting to visit our nature islands? Or just wanting some fun with the family our boat hire packages are sure to suit. Have the freedom to explore the lake and admire the scenery with family or friends with our boat hire. Set your own personal location and duration and discover some of Wanaka’s hidden features. 


Our boat for hire is a 6.5m Stabicraft surveyed with all safety equipment to carry a maximum of 8 passengers. No licence is required however skippers must be over 18 years and have a full understanding of New Zealand Maritime Rules. Basic training will be provided before hire including general operation of the vessel plus description of navigational hazards on the lake itself.

Boat hire is subject to weather conditions and availability. Boat hire prices are all plus fuel and are subject to Lakeland Wanaka staff discretion.

Boat Hire on Lake Wanaka


Lake Wanaka, famous for its crystal clear waters and breath taking scenery around every corner. Have the freedom to explore the lake and admire the scenery with family or friends with our boat hire. Set your own personal location and duration and discover some of Wanaka’s hidden features.


  • Freedom to explore world famous WANAKA SCENERY
  • TIME OPTIONS to suit your plans
  • SAFTEY EQUIPMENT all included
  • NO SET ROUTES so explore where suits you
  • HASSLE FREE in the heart of Wanaka.
  • 100% KIWI – locally owned and operated

Boat Hire Restrictions

  • The minimum age to hire is 18 years old
  • Customers need to fully understand Maritime  NZ Law and be able to follow all instructions given by guides & staff
  • The maximum number of passengers is 8 (including children)


Lakeland Wanaka was one of the first water based tourism business in Wanaka having operated for over 40 years. Our safety procedures are of the highest standard both with our operation and safety briefings & screening processes.

Maritime Laws that must be followed at all times.

Our Boat Hire involve yourself (and passengers) having control of your own boat as you tour Lake Wanaka. Due to being in charge of your vessel you are responsible for for following all Maritime Laws which include but not limited to the following:

  • Giving way to your starboard (right) side. Also turning to your starboard (right) side when boats meet head on.
  • Giving way to any vessel you pass making sure you give them plenty of space.
  • Staying alert for other boats, swimmers, kayaks, hazards etc at all times. This includes driving in a manner not to disrupt other vessels in close proximity.
  • Keeping a safe speed taking into account other user traffic and weather conditions.
  • Not exceeding 5knots (idle speed) within 200m of shore, 50m of any other boat/ jet ski/kayak or 50m of any person swimming.
  • Wearing you Life Jacket at all times

Operating Safety.

Prior to departure our staff will show you the controls of your boat including the location and briefing of the safety equipment. This will include recommended areas of travel in respects of other lake users and weather.

Boat Hire Availability

Our boat hire is available year round subject to weather. All hires will be screened for knowledge of Maritime Law etc before any booking is confirmed.

Do I need to book?

Yes, if you are planning to arrive in time for a trip then it’s best you let us know.

CanI take a picnic with me?

Yes, you are welcome to take any food you like but we ask you do not take any alcohol.

How many people can we take?

You can have no more than 8 people of any age in the boat at any time.

Can we hire the boat to go fishing?

Yes, you will need your own equipment and licence.

If we are out on the water having a great time can we stay longer?

Yes, if there is availability you only need to call us to arrange a new due back time and we will inform you of the additional cost. If you are overdue and have not contacted us for a new due back time you may incur a penalty fee.

Do I need a licence or experience?

No, you do not require a special licence or experience. However, we do require all drivers to 18 years or older, have a practical understanding of how to operate a boat and be familiar with maritime law and local (QLDC)navigation laws. All drivers will be given a safety briefing plus instruction on how our boat

What if the weather changes, will we be safe?

We assess the weather before we confirm your booking, before you depart and while you are on the water. We take your experience into consideration when we assess the weather but reserve the right to cancel or cut your booking short if we consider the conditions unfavourable. It is our strict assessment of the water conditions that keeps you safe. Refunds are available if we cancel your reservation and we are unable to reschedule to a time that’s convenient to you.

When does out time on the water start?

Your pre booked departure time is when the clock starts, regardless of if you leave earlier or later. For example, if you book a 9.30am 2-hour hire this means your departure time is set for 9.30am and your return is set at 11.30am, to ensure you can make the most of your reservation arrive early. Before you depart you will need to fill out our waiver, observe our safety briefing, and load your family.

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Plan Your Trip

where are we

We are located in Wanaka; the heart of world famous Central Otago, New Zealand. We operate from the waterfront of Lake Wanaka, 100 Ardmore Street. Just look for the large trailer by the main Wanaka wharf.

Before you arrive

Before arrival make sure you are ready for your trip have everything you may need. Clothing that can get wet and suitable for the weather (A windbreaker or waterproof jacket is recommended on cooler days). We also recommend sunglasses to keep the wind out of your eyes (but bear in mind they could fall off).

CHecking in

As with all our products safety is at the for-front of our mind. We therefore require you to checkin at least 15 minutes prior to your departure. This time is needed to go over your jet ski waiver forms, receive your safety briefing and get fitted into life jackets.

Get your wanaka Fix

Once check in and safety briefings are completed it's finally time to jump on your tour and get your Wanaka Fix. Our guides are extremely friendly and more than happy to accomodate when they can. Feel free to ask them to take photos, ask questions if you have them but most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELVES!!

Watch our trailer

Come see Lake Wanaka like never before


Lakeland Wanaka is Wanaka’s home of water based adventures. Providing a location you can sample a range of New Zealand’s favourite adventure activities in one place.

100% Kiwi owned and operated Lakeland Wanaka is New Zealand’s leading adventure hub, offering a wide range of water based activities from relaxing outings to high adrenaline experiences on one beautiful location, Lake Wanaka.

Here at Lakeland Wanaka we have always been passionate about water sports. Spending the majority of our time around boats or water we are here to share why we love what we do. All our staff are picked for both their skills and knowledge on the job and for their personalities.


We are proud to share the beauty of lake Wanaka and have fun while we do it. The view from the shore is only a snap short of what is out there. The silence when you get there is breath-taking, the beauty; mind blowing, and the space to play; uninhibited. Visit us and let us take you to the view past the horizon.

"First of all I want to say that the staff will alone sets this jet boat experience apart from any others! Jeremiah really knows his stuff when it comes to Lake Wanaka, the surrounding areas and the history. Seeing the lake from the shoreline can’t beat this thrill of a boat ride around the lake and onto the gorgeous turquoise blue water show of the Clutha River- I would recommend it to anybody visiting Wanaka!"


Trip Advisor

"Last week I went on a Jet boat trip with there guy’s! The team is very friendly and professional. Because they work with smaller groups it feels like a personal trip. The trip takes you along a beautiful river with a lot of hidden treasures and history. I would recommend them if you want to experience a unique Jet boat ride in New Zealand!"

Erwan C

Trip Advisor

"First time on a jet ski, and it was great. I didn't want to give it back! Very easy to operate, but exciting to ride on. We went out onto Lake Wanaka and visited one of the bigger islands, where the guide gave us an explanation about the history. We were free to experiment on the jet ski and try different moves, as well as going fast! Well worth doing, and am thinking about getting one myself now!"


Trip Advisor

"Hired kayaks from the lakefront $30 each for 2 hours and worth every cent. Beautiful low key way to see the lake. We paddled slowly around the shoreline to waterfall creek and back with lots of time to stop along the way."

Kylie O

Trip Advisor